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April  Newsletter 2021

Digital Image Policy

Health and Wellbeing Policy

School Policies

These are inter-linked and each relate to aspects of behaviour. They also highlight our approaches and responses.

Being Well, Doing Well 1.png
Being Well, Doing Well is our whole school approach to promoting positive well-being, recognising our role in preparing children to be emotionally ready for our ever changing world. It explains our approach to nurture and (mental) health and well-being. Being well, Doing well is also the focus for new approaches to sharing success, both in school and out of school (replacing ‘fish tank’ assembly) where pupils are recognised by their peers and teachers. There is a wall display in school and pupils have the opportunity to be nominated and recognised for Being Well or success in learning (Doing Well).
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Emotion Response Behaviour Policy

This highlights our approaches to developing and building positive relationship and behaviour in Georgetown. Understanding emotions is a key factor in this approach and we use the Emotion Works programme to assist pupils to recognise and understand both their emotions and the feelings of others. This translates into Emotion Response pathways which highlight strategies for dealing with different levels of non-positive behaviour.

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Respect for All Policy

Our Respect for All Policy is our anti-bullying support and guidance for pupils and families. It helps define bullying behaviours more clearly; it makes explicit everyone’s role in preventing and dealing with this issue. It also highlights with the different forms of bullying and what we will do when we are notified of any incidents. Parents were consulted on this issue in February 2020 prior to the lockdown.